Unisex Navy Blue Snowsuit Ski Snow suit One piece

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"Hermonit" Snowsuit One piece wide reflector

Snowsuit One piece
Special To use outside in Hard weather conditions Appropriate
for work, walking, fishing and hunting
Using by the IDF army soldiers as well as by other combat forces around the world,

 Cold weather garment, retains body temperature effective protection against wind, snow and frost.
 Two side zippers that extend the entire length of the garment, collar and hood. Synthetic fur hood lining.
Central double head zipper covered to prevent water penetration. Allow open/close in two directions- up and down.

On the lower legs sleeves, special zipper to allow quick wear, no shoes removal, see pics.

Can be worn over regular clothes and made of external strong Nylon fabric water resistance coating. Please be aware that this resistance will not supply 100% rain and water resistance, suitable extra coating may be needed, depend on activity.

Sizes Available:
SX / S / M / L / XL/2XL/3XL