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Noga-Einat Double  layered polyurethane soles
A  low density middle layer optimized for shock-absorbency  and additional comfort.
A high density outer layer to prevent surface wear. 
Low weight sole, anti-static, durable to flammables and oils and a high resistance to chemicals . 
In addition the soles have proven  
resistance to surface temperature up to 150C,
 as well as the  breakout voltage of 4000 V . 
Sole structure: These soles are of innovative desi
gn and have built in the following features ; 
Energy absorbing undercarriage area, self-cleaning, good grip, high skid resistance on surfaces and flexibility.

The army boots are made for soldiers in size 39 to 48

The Military boots produce by IDF characterization in terms of the structure of shoes,

height shoes, sole and strength

Shoes are made of leather supple and comfortable